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As you plan your courses for the rest of the year, think about including UC Davis Summer Abroad 2012 programs in your schedule. It’s neither too early nor too late in your college career to study abroad!

2012 Summer Abroad Programs:

We have over 40 programs scheduled for next year – in 27 countries around the world and in 29 fields of study – including new programs in Africa, Europe and Asia. Below are programs that would be of particular interest to students of Ecology, Behavior & Evolution:


UK: ENGLAND/SWEDEN – Genetics: The Global Language of Biology

Location: Cambridge, England, & Stockholm, Sweden

Courses: Biological Science 101 & MCB 198

Program webpage:

Experience the unique teaching style at the University of Cambridge and learn about the history, current research, and future of genetics.


EUROPE – Sustainable Cities of Northern Europe

Location: Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, & Switzerland

Courses: Landscape Architecture 191 (4 units) & Environmental Science and Policy 173 (4 units), or Landscape Architecture 191 (8 units). Graduate Student Alternative: LDA 297 & 298

Program webpage:

Visit some of the most sustainable and vibrant cities in Europe, seeing it on foot, train and bicycle.


ECUADOR – Sustainable Ecuador – From the Andes to the Amazon

Location: Quito, Yachana – Ecuador

Courses: Native American Studies 120 & 198

Program webpage:

Interact with indigenous Amazonians while examining their historical development and current initiatives to save the Amazon rainforest.


IRELAND – What’s in Your Water?

Location: Galway, Ireland

Courses: Civil and Environmental Engineering 148A & 198

Program webpage:

A great way to get to know the Emerald Isle and study how the local governments handle their water issues similar to California’s.


AUSTRALIA – Urban to Outback

Location: Melbourne, Kakadu – Australia

Courses: English 139 & Humanities 198

Program webpage:

Experience the confluence of European and aboriginal culture in the modern, multicultural city of Melbourne and the vast, sparsely populated outback. Spend one week at Kakadu National Park, a World Heritage Site for its unique flora and fauna, and discover plants, marsupials, birds and crocodiles in their natural habitat.  


COSTA RICA – Costa Rican Communities

Location: San Jose and various locations around Costa Rica

Courses: Chicano/a Studies 125S & 198

Program webpage:

Experience the biodiversity of Costa Rica through field trips to Monteverde and the Caribbean and live in an aboriginal community. 

UC Davis Summer Abroad program highlights:

UC courses taught by UC Davis faculty

Courses taught in English

8 quarter units in 4weeks

Open to freshmen through graduating seniors

Credit transfers automatically for non-UCD students

UCSD Summer Financial Aid applies


Enrollment opens January 11th! Start by creating your online profile to receive email updates about programs that interest you:  (it only takes a minute). Students who enroll by March 6th are eligible for the Summer Abroad Travel Award. $25,000 will be distributed in awards of $500-$1500.

And watch for our 2012 brochure in the mail at your permanent address over winter break!

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