Study Abroad Summer Opportunity with UC Irvine

Just like many UC summer travel programs, our programs are open to all UC students. They also:

  • Offer pre-approved UCI courses and units
  • Are open to all class levels and majors
  • Do not require knowledge of a foreign language (with the notable exception of Spanish language immersion tracks in Argentina)
  • Include a complete itinerary of field trips, overnight excursions, and special events


Of interest to students studying Biological Sciences:

*Chile: Earn upper-division UCI units in Biological Sciences while abroad in South America this summer.

Courses taught by expert local faculty from Chile

All students enroll in General Microbiology and Lab (8.0 quarter units)


*Course syllabi are available for download on the ‘Study’ tab of each Program page on our website.


These programs are fantastic ways for students to study abroad while completing UC units and possibly fulfilling major, minor, or general education requirements! Study abroad students also benefit by:

  • Increasing their self-confidence and independence
  • Developing stronger personal goals and values
  • Adding valuable experiences to their resumes


For more information about our 2012 Travel-Study programs, and to download course syllabi, please visit:


Our 2012 programs are scheduled to take place in:

  • Europe: England, The Mediterranean, and Italy
  • South America: Argentina and Chile
  • Asia:  Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia