New Spring 2012 Course: EDS 198: “Hands on Science Lab”

*** Please note that while this is a fabulous opportunity for our students, this will not count towards the Biology major or minor

Hugh Mehan (Professor Emeritus, Sociology and Education UCSD)


Cristina Trecha (Co-Director California Science Project-San Diego and Fleet Inquiry Institute Director, Reuben H. Fleet Science Center)


Undergraduate education studies, liberal arts, engineering, and science majors who are interested in teaching science and working with elementary students are invited to participate in the “Hands on Science Lab.” The Hands-On Lab course design provides UCSD undergraduates an opportunity to teach in an informal, small group setting and to learn about the current research in science education.  UCSD undergraduate students in the course will examine how the foundational ideas taught in elementary science support the science in middle and high school.

Elementary students will come to the UCSD campus to visit the Hands-On Lab on 5 different occasions for a series of science activities; the undergraduates, under the guidance of their instructor, will act as teaching assistants at various labs as the elementary school students rotate through the stations.  Between these visits the undergraduates will build on their teaching assistant experiences by discussing methods of teaching, questioning, and developing student engagement around the new Framework for K-12 Science Education and current California State Science Standards. This course will provide an excellent introductory experience in science teaching as well as provide elementary school students and teachers with well-planned, supported, and engaging science activities.

CAL-Teach undergraduates are particularly encouraged to take the course since it is linked to a broader K-12 science vertical planning model, and incorporates the new Framework for K-12 Science Education which is guiding the development of the new National Science Standards for 2013.  Experience with elementary school science content and teaching also provides an excellent basis for understanding science-teaching issues in the middle and high school years.


The class meets Monday mornings, starting April 2nd,  from 9-12, in Pepper Canyon Hall Room 304