Looking for a 1-unit seminar for Spring 2012? Consider…


BILD 95 (1 unit) #749044
Intergroup Dialogue: Skills for Building Effective Multicultural Teams
Mondays, noon – 1:50 p.m., York Hall 3010
(9 sessions: April 2, 2012 – June 4, 2012)

Today’s employers want graduates who work effectively in diverse settings. This is particularly true for Biology and other STEM professions, where collaboration in multicultural research teams and work groups is essential. Intergroup Dialogue is a highly interactive seminar designed to develop multicultural leadership skills.

The course explores social group membership, identity, conflict, community, and social action. The seminar utilizes readings, discussions, writing, and experiential exercises to promote self and group awareness and to develop essential skills for communicating effectively across differences in race/ethnicity, gender, and other social identities. These attributes will help give students “the edge” for living and working in today’s diverse global society.

What students say about Intergroup Dialogue

“The course is so much better than a typical lecture-based course because it forces you to directly interact with the information you are being given.”

“Besides phenomenal learning experiences amongst ourselves, this class gave us the chance to go out into the world and really start to educate others.”

“It was so enriching to connect with peers on an intellectual level. It was very different from my science classes. I truly think it changed the way I view society and my place in it.”

“[It was a] very rewarding experience…I was able to have the opportunity to learn in my optimal setting about issues that I hadn’t thought about before…much more engaging than a lecture hall.”

“In a lecture…the things I learn are not necessarily real world applicable. In this course, everything I learned will be enriching in academic [terms] and otherwise.”

“My experience was a cycle of liberation…I went from a person who was not even at the stage of ‘getting ready’ to a person who hopes to ‘create and maintain change’.”

For more info, please visit: http://students.ucsd.edu/academics/experiential-learning/communication-leadership/irp/intergroup-dialogues/courses.html.