Course Opportunity: TWS 198: The Political and Cultural Aspects of Global Health

The Division of Biological Sciences encourages students to explore courses of interest outside of the Division, but please be aware that TWS 198 DOES NOT COUNT toward Biology Major or Minor Requirements.


Professor Ivan Evans (Sociology) and Dr. Gina Fleming-Magit (Student Health Services) will again team up to present a unique seminar on Global Health. The seminar will meet in TMCA 127 (in the TM College complex).

TWS 198: The Political and Cultural Aspects of Global Health


A draft of the syllabus may be viewed at

Course Description:

This course is primarily aimed at students who are either interested in, have actual experience in working with underserved communities abroad or in the U.S. or who are interested in doing so. There is much that volunteers can provide in the way of resources, manual labor, empirical inquiry, and practical projects. For this reason, the course is solutions-oriented and focuses on the practical aspects of research and international, or multi-cultural volunteer work. The goal is to maximize the positive impact that students can have when they work alongside community members in different parts of the world.

The course is structured around a weekly survey of major topics, each of which examines global health through the lens of social justice.  Throughout the course, students will examine the underlying causes of global health disparities, consider ethical questions inherent in international research and volunteerism, and develop personal theoretical frameworks or “visions” to guide their work. Students will also examine the “big five” of international development: education, healthcare, access to water, agriculture/food and infrastructure, and how these areas impact health and well-being.

No pre-requisites are listed for this course, which counts towards the Global Health Minor. Students outside the program can contact Haydee Cervantes,  at or (858) 822-4059 to be preauthorized to enroll in the course.