Smithsonian-Mason Semester for Conservation Studies

There are still opportunities available for
undergraduate students in the Smithsonian-Mason Semester for Conservation
Studies.  Like a “study abroad” program, students participating spend a full
semester living, taking classes, and working at a Smithsonian research station
located near the Shenandoah National Park.

We offer two distinct programs of study, Applied Conservation Strategies and
Ecology for Effective Conservation Practices.  Each one offers a set of five
integrated courses that include a practicum experience as well as classes
focusing on conservation theory and applications.  Applied Conservation
Strategies focuses on the root causes of conservation issues and how science
informs management and policy.  Ecology for Effective Conservation Practices
emphasizes the application of ecological theory to conservation and how to
successfully communicate about threats to species.

Please visit our
website: where you can apply online.