Internship Opportunity

Are you looking for that special internship? An exciting and interesting experience abroad? Would you like to work on a tropical island with a high biodiversity of flora and fauna including several endemic species?

We would like to introduce you to Kanahau – Utila Research and Conservation Facility, an exciting new scientific station on the island of Utila, Honduras. This year we are conducting several studies including Cataloguing the Bat Species on the island, a Population and Health study of the endemic Black Spiny Tailed iguana (Ctenosaura bakeri) and the Entomological Biodiversity of the island. We are looking for six research assistants this year 2012. Work will include use of mist nets for bat capture, mark-recapture and telemetry of Iguanas, insect collecting using different trapping techniques, specimen preservation and identification of bats and insects. We can also accommodate researchers wishing to conduct their own studies and provide them with the necessary help to obtain any scientific licenses that will be required (e.g. ICF and CITES).

The season will start from the 1st of May 2012 till the 28th March 2013. Applicants can stay for any duration they wish with a minimum stay of four weeks. The price is $1000 for the first four weeks and then additional weeks are charged at $225. This is for full board accommodation (three meals a day) and covers all material expenses for the studies. We have a very intensive program of field work including trips into the mangroves and overnight camping trips to the more remote areas of the island, so applicants should be physically fit, self-motivated and willing to work as part of a team. All studies will be published and all assistant researchers will be given recognition in the publications.
The island of Utila is a modern diving mecca and if you would like to do some diving or a PADI dive course we can arrange this for you too (we get discounted rates) and schedule it into your stay with us. We can also arrange trips to the mainland to go river rafting in La Ceiba, visit National Parks and expeditions into the Moskitia Jungle. If you are interested in either the diving or visiting the mainland please indicate this when booking with us.

If you are interested you can apply now through our website just click on the ‘visit us’ button and fill out our online application form. Alternatively send us an e-mail to (please attach a copy of your curriculum vitae including any personal experience you think may be relevant