International Affairs Event

PROSPECT Journal and IAG present: The Virtual Line Between Privacy and
The Internet has given the gifts of facebook, youtube, and reddit, but it
has also provided unlimited access to bomb recipes, pirated materials and
pornography. While the freedoms created by the world wide web help many,
recent privacy shifts have raised some perplexing questions about our
society today.
With government regulations like NDAA, SOPA and ACTA as well as privacy
policy changes by internet giants Facebook and Google, traditional views of
privacy, self-ownership, and copyright are being challenged.

Due to the increasing role of digital media in our lives and the call for
its regulation, PROSPECT feels it is time to discuss where we draw the line
between Privacy and Freedom in a digital age

On April 23rd, join Prospect Journal and our diverse group as we explore
online privacy, regulatory control and how it matters to you. This event
will be held at the Great Hall at 7pm and is FREE for all students and

Light refreshments will be served at the beginning of the event with an
open question and answer period at the end.

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