Opportunity for Biology Master’s Student

Are you a junior/senior Biology major considering research and the contiguous BS/MS program?  An opportunity is available in the Aroian Lab:

Our group works on soil-transmitted helminths, otherwise known as hookworms, whipworms, and giant roundworms. In terms of global health, these parasites are amongst the most devastating of humankind, especially children and pregnant women. Children infected with these worms grow up physically and mentally stunted. We desperately need new drugs to treat these infections as the drugs we have now lack in strength and the parasites are apparently developing resistance.

We are looking for a master’s student to join the laboratory and work jointly with our group in Biological Sciences and with a professor in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The goal of the thesis would be to develop automated imaging algorithms of parasite motility, an important prerequisite for studying the effects of drugs on them. The student should have some background in computer programming (MATLAB, C, and/or C++). This is a GREAT opportunity to get involved in Global Health Research and actually have a big, positive impact on the lives of more than 1 billion people.


Contact Prof. Raffi Aroian (raroian@ucsd.edu, 858-822-1396) for more information.