Volunteer Shorebird Survey

We are looking for volunteers to help survey shorebirds in San Diego Bay this winter as part of the larger Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey (PFSS; http://www.prbo.org/pfss).  PRBO Conservation Science initiated the PFSS in 2010 and surveys in San Diego last year.  We currently have 29 sites in California including San Diego Bay, Mission Bay and the Tijuana River Estuary that contribute data to this annual winter survey event.  The PFSS encompasses the entire Pacific Flyway and using the data we will evaluate shorebird population trends and habitat associations.

We are working with local partners including USFWS, Port of San Diego, Tierra Data, Inc. and others.  It would be wonderful to include interested students and staff from local universities. Please distribute this to the division’s ornithology professor or other interested faculty and staff. I can be reached for additional information.

Interested participants should possess binoculars, a scope and reliable transportation and being willing to collect data according to a protocol and enter it online into the California Avian Data Center.  For more information please visit our website http://www.prbo.org/pfss.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Khara Strum, Waterbird Ecologist
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