GLASS is an 8 week, 12 credit semester that teaches a method of
participating in another culture: situating indigenous villagers as the
teachers, and Northerners as their students, in a reciprocal, collaborative
knowledge exchange in service of village initiatives. Students contribute
their technological and academic skills while immersed in Indigenous
Knowledge experiences in one of the last pristine tropical ecosystems on
earth.  Recent collaborations produced the first GPS/GIS community map for
use in land rights negotiations and the first local catalog of medicinal

The four courses are:

Tropical Ecology (Fieldwork in forest, savanna and riverrine ecology – may
include additional Lab credit)
Tropical Human Resource Ecology (Indigenous Knowledge and Participatory
Eco-pedagogy (Cross-cultural teaching and learning – from a post-Freirean
Community Service Through a Chosen Discipline (Student-Villager
partnerships to apply each student’s major to addressing a community need)

Please see these
websites for the details: