Research Position Available

POSITION AVAILABLE.  I am currently hiring a graduating senior
into a full time position to work in my laboratory at UCSF
studying cell cycle regulation.  The work is a combination of
yeast and tissue culture.  You must have some experience doing
undergraduate research.  However, the exact topic of the research
is not important, as long as it is some aspect of cell biology,
molecular biology, or genetics.  This is a perfect position for
someone looking to go to graduate school in a few years.  It is a
fun, dynamic lab with a mix of students and postdocs.

The start date of the position is any time from now until the
early summer.

Please email me if you wish to apply.  Include the department from
which you are graduating, your GPA, and the name, dates and
contact info of the lab in which you worked.
Please put “SRA” into the subject line when you email me.


David Toczyski
Dept of Biochemistry and Biophysics
HD 366
1450 3rd St.
University of California, San Francisco

San Francisco, CA 94158-9001