Career Services: Upcoming Health Profession Events

Pharmacy School: What Applicants for 2014 Admission Need to Know

Thursday, April 11, 2-3:15PM – Career Services Center  – Horizon Room

If you want to apply this summer to enter pharmacy school next year, this session is for you!  Find out how the admissions process works, how to prepare your application, how schools select you and how you can choose schools.  Learn about services to help you get an edge in the process.

1.            Learn the components of PharmCAS for PharmD schools

2.            Understand the application process and timelines

3.            Discover strategies for applying to schools


Writing Your Personal Statement for Health Professional School

Friday, April 12 from 1-2pm  – Career Services Center (Horizon Room)

Come to this session if you’re getting ready to apply to a health professional school.  Learn about the purpose of the statement, the content to include and how to organize it.  Learn the “do’s” and don’ts” to be competitive and get started writing it!

1.            Understand the purpose of the personal statement.

2.            Learn what to include and what to avoid.

3.            Recognize a well-organized essay.


Foreign Medical School: Know your options

Monday, April 15 from 2-3 pm Career Services Center (Horizon Room)

Could attending medical school abroad be the right choice for you? Find out what constitutes a strong foreign school, discover options that are good alternatives to U.S. MD programs, and learn how to become qualified to practice in the United States.

•             Discover if foreign medical education is right for you

•             Figure out what makes a strong foreign med school

•             Learn how to become qualified for practice in the U.S.


Non-Profit Health Agencies Panel

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Time:  2:00 – 3:30pm

Location:  Career Services Center, UC San Diego

Description:  Meet professionals working in non-profit health organizations centered on providing services, resources, volunteer and internship opportunities in the health field.  Network with health agency representatives from the Arthritis Foundation, Parkinson’s Association, Sickle Cell Disease Association and the Combined Health Agencies.


Alternatives to Med School

Monday. April 22 from 2-3pm Career Services Center (Horizon Room)

Facilitators: Ryan (Melanie can help)

As many pre-med students begin to explore other options, they may feel overwhelmed with the wide range of choices. This presentation will expose students to alternative careers within health. We will discuss how pre-med coursework fits other professional school requirements and how to gain relevant experience.

1)Students will learn about careers in public health, physical therapy, and other fields

2)Students will learn how medical school prerequisites can transfer to other programs

3)Students will learn how to gain experience to prepare for alternative professions