Sagatica Summer 2013 Internship


Sagatica, as both a process and a firm, exist in order to develop executive wisdom and accelerate results with Fortune 500 leaders. Together we create better decisions, increase employee accountability, engagement, and accelerate results. 


We are now interviewing candidates to fill our summer 2013 internship program. Please share our opportunity with your students, graduates and friends.


A passion in these disciplines is a plus: 

Marketing, Business Development, Audio/Visual, Product Development and Design, Organizational Management, Creative Writing, IT, Technology, Industrial Design, Social Media, E-Learning


Position Title:

Leadership Development and Management Consulting Internship Program


Target Audience:

Graduate, Junior and Senior Undergraduate (seeking 3-4)

 Please visit before applying:


About Sagatica

Sagatica empowers leaders to apply Practical Wisdom. Think of us as McKinsey strategy meets Zen practice; our consulting, training, and coaching focus on the big picture AND the whole person (which is proven to drive better decisions, improve engagement, and accelerate results).

Dan Pink wrote in Drive that motivation – the foundation of innovation and engagement – comes from Autonomy, Purpose, and Mastery. He didn’t write how to achieve this. Our expertise and contribution bring these to life for leaders, exec teams, and organizations

Together, we formulate and execute a strategy for creating culture-specific programs. Our meaningful work with our clients is a strategic partnership and we are driven by being creative, intentional, authentic, and courageous.