Summer Session 1 Offering in how to support learning in online and flipped classrooms (1 unit- P/NP)

Are you interested in the potential for technology to improve the learning experience?

Have you ever wondered if what you were doing to study was effective?

Do you want to learn how to support other students’ learning and to support instructors in engaging the latest technology to improve their classes?

If so, then “pre-register” for CSE90: Undergraduate Seminar: Peer Instruction

Professor: Beth Simon 

Summer Session I: M/W 1-1:50 

Room: TBD

(Yes, we know it’s not listed on Tritonlink yet.)


Pre-register here:


  • Do I have to be a CSE major? No.  Any major can register, but registration is controlled by the instructor, so you must fill out our pre-registration form above.  Space in the class is limited.
  • I’m a grad student, can I sign up?  Maybe.  Please do pre-register and we’ll find a solution for you.  We’d really like interested grad students to attend.
  • What do I have to do to pass?  This class is P/NP.  You need to attend class sessions and do some pre-class work. Maybe 4-5 total hours per week.
  • Why would I want to do this?  Learn what a flipped classroom is.  Learn how to use Camtasia to help professors create video lectures.  Find out what research on expertise can help you learn more effectively.  Be among the very first UCSD students to take a specialized UCSD course offered with technology from Coursera.  Become a “flipped scholar!”

Computer Science and Engineering Dept.
Director, Center for Teaching Development
UC San Diego