UCSD Fall MCAT: 15 spots left in Fall MCAT Course

There are spots left for UCSD undergraduates to enroll in UCSD’s Fall MCAT program. It begins this Saturday 8 am-12:40 pm and will continue weekly for a total of 9 weeks. The course is $800 through UCSD extensions but free for an additional 15 UCSD students through the Student Grant program.

To enroll send an email to launch@ucsd.edu with the following:

“Please enroll me in MCAT Part 1 and Part 2 through the UCSD Extensions Student Grant Program
Section: MCAT Part 1 (SID: 096937) and MCAT Part 2 (SID: 098458)”

Your MCAT score is one of the most important factors considered in Medical School admissions. Our course was designed to challenge UCSD students, raise MCAT scores, and get you into Medical School. We’ve replaced lectures with innovative interactive classrooms sessions to engage students and not only master the the content but develop the critical thinking scores necessary to maximizing MCAT scores. The average MCAT score for those who have completed the program and taken the MCAT has been in the 31-32(80th-88th percentile) range this year.  Many of our students have scored in the 40’s(above the 99th percentile), one of whom even scored a perfect 45(Less than 10 out of 80,000 students achieve this score every year).

In addition to the classroom component, we’ve also incorporated small group review, individualized feedback, group practice exams and exam review.

We also offer optional one-on-one coaching with experienced instructors all of whom have scored in the 40’s on their MCAT.

I look forward to seeing you in class,
Al Khalil
MCAT Instructor