Playing with Trauma: The Collective Voice

Trauma and the struggles that we go through often serve as our inspiration
or the fuel to our fires. What is this trauma that we have been through and
that often haunts us ‘till this very day? However, the flip-side to trauma
is healing. We would also like to focus on how we healed through this
trauma, if we have at all, as we all have our own personal forms of
healing. Healing can be living and loving life in spite of the ritualistic
lingering of traumas that have come to pass. Healing through trauma is
often what fuels our spirituality. Calling into consideration the way that
spirituality may or may not involve religion, we ask you to confront your
notions of spirituality. How do trauma, healing, and spirituality come
together for you? Or do they even coincide at all? Also, how do our various
identities influence our processes of healing or spirituality? Send us your
thoughts in any form of creative expression you prefer!

In Solidarity,
The Collective Voice Co-Editors
Amanda Kay Mannshahia & Paola Pérez

Possible submissions include: poetry, drawings, paintings, photography,
articles, stories, and anything else that you would want to share to the
UCSD community!
Submissions DO NOT need to relate to the theme above! All submissions are
welcome. You can also choose to remain anonymous.

Submissions due by February 12th to!

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