Tulane University Medical School – Master of Science Program in Anatomy

In the fall of 2012, Tulane University Medical School introduced the Master of Science program in Anatomy. This is a 1-year non-thesis program of study that includes cadaveric dissection-based gross anatomy, embryology, cell biology, histology, and neuroscience. This has proven to be a very competitive, sought-after program, with several students earning entrance into medical school upon completion.

We are writing to present the expansion of this program to you and to students in your university who are planning to enroll in medical, dental school or graduate school. Through Tulane University’s graduate program in Biomedical Sciences, the department of Structural and Cellular Biology is now offering a two-year program, the Master of Science degree in Clinical Anatomy. Students in the Master of Science degree program in Clinical Anatomy enjoy access to the same teaching programs and facilities in Anatomy but are also trained in teaching and delivery methods towards a career in teaching and research. At the end of these Master of Science degree programs in Anatomy, candidates will be well-positioned to apply for entry into medical or dental school, or enroll in professional or advanced degree programs that can lead to careers in research or college teaching.

The department already has a strong history, experience, and track record of enabling graduates from our Anatomy Certification Program to gain entry into medical schools around the country. Since 1996, 98.5% of graduates from the Anatomy Certification Program have been admitted into medical and veterinary schools in Texas, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, California, Maryland, Hawaii, and Missouri.

Our programs are unique – students in the Master of Science degree program in Anatomy take classes alongside Tulane medical students and enjoy access to the same teaching programs and facilities in Anatomy. For those students who are admitted into the MD program in Tulane and have a strong interest in developing a career in Surgery, they are offered the option of simultaneously enrolling for the MS degree in Anatomy under the MD-MS program.

Attached with this email is a flyer with information about the degree programs we offer. Further details can be found on the department of Structural and Cellular Biology website (www.tulane.edu/som/departments/scb/masters/index.cfm<http://www.tulane.edu/som/departments/scb/masters/index.cfm>) and also on the website of the Tulane University graduate program in Biomedical Sciences at http://www.tulane.edu/som/biomedical-sciences.

We would greatly appreciate if you could post the flyers on your bulletin boards as a way of bringing notice about these programs to the attention of potential applicants.
If you have any questions regarding the programs, or would like more information, we would be happy to talk to you.

Lucy Goodwin
Program Coordinator
Department of Structural and Cellular Biology
Tulane University, School of Medicine
1430 Tulane Ave., SL-49
New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: 504.988.5255
Fax: 504.988.1687

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