Summer Research Opportunity for Students


UCSD’s first iGEM team is recruiting members. iGEM is a summer research
opportunity for undergraduates. Members of the iGEM team will work together
on a project and then present it at the World Jamboree in Boston in
November. iGEM is one of the most prominent competitions in science and
engineering. General information can be found here:

We’re looking for:
– Undergraduates interested in: bioengineering, synthetic biology,
systems biology, biology, computer science, software engineering. Students
from any year may apply (freshman, sophomores, juniors, etc)
– programming experience would be preferred but not required
– students able to work full time during the summer and part time during
parts of Spring 2014 and Winter 2014. There will be opportunities to
continue the research after iGEM is over too.

Students will receive:
– a stipend/research credits
– a funded trip to Boston to participate in the international competition
– a genuine research experience. You’ll receive direct mentorship from
PhD students as well as faculty. iGEM work has been featured in prominent
scientific journals and it will help you develop skills for industry.

Interested students should contact Jenhan Tao at:

Jenhan Tao
PhD Student, Bioinformatics & Systems Biology
University of California, San Diego