Cogs 180, Spring 2014: Open For Enrollment!

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Cogs 180 – Neural Coding in Sensory Systems (4 units)
Section ID #809872, TuTh 3:30pm – 4:50pm, in WLH 2115
With Prof. Angela Yu

Despite powerful computers and sophisticated technologies, artificial intelligence systems still far lag the brain in processing and responding to sensory inputs.  How does the brain cobble together such an impressive system from fallible, noisy biological hardware such as neurons and synapses?  What are some of the computational principles that enable it to overcome its hardware limitations?  What are some commonalities and uniqueness in the neural representation and processing of sensory information in different modalities: vision, audition, olfaction, somatosensation?  How does information from these different modalities interact?  And finally, how critical is active exploration to the brain’s powerful sensory processing systems, such as strategic eye movements, orientating movements, whisking behavior in rodents and felines, etc.

This course will consist partly of lectures and partly of paper presentation and discussion.  Students will be encouraged to think deeply through some of these major questions in sensory neuroscience and bring their thoughts to class for active discussions.

Prerequisites:  Cogs 1, Cogs 101A or Cogs 107B, and Math 180A or consent of instructor
For pre-req over-ride, please contact Dr. Angela Yu at directly.


**This course will not fulfill Biology course requirements