Collective Voice: Attention Writers, Artists and Photographers!

Liberating Transcendence: An Infinite Flight to Agency

“To dream that you are flying signifies a sense of freedom where you had
initially felt restricted and limited”

Over the past two issues we have explored our acts of resistance and past
and current traumas. Now we are asking the community to delve into a
process of liberation with us. Identifying obstacles in order to move from
them, we reclaim agency over our own destiny. Standing in our own power, we
are able to sustain patience throughout the journey which is where learning
takes place. Inevitably there is no destination, only stepping stones from
which to embark on future pilgrimages of the self. Ever-peeling layers of
self understanding, the journey never ends.

In Solidarity,
The Collective Voice Co-Editors
Amanda Kay Mannshahia & Paola Pérez

Possible submissions include: poetry, drawings, paintings, photography,
articles, stories, and anything else that you would want to share to the
UCSD community!
Submissions DO NOT need to relate to the theme above! All submissions are
welcome. You can also choose to remain anonymous.

Submissions due by May 9th to!

All the best,
Paola Pérez & Amanda Mannshahia
The Collective Voice Co-Editors-in-Chief

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*The Collective Voice is a progressive newspaper that provides marginalized
students and under-resourced students the empowering opportunity to protect
the representation of their identities and beliefs, and report alternative
news that is not otherwise covered by mainstream media: a** student-run,
student-initiated publication of UCSD’s SPACES**.*We are currently looking for writers, artists, and photographers for our
Winter ’14 issue of The Collective Voice. We would greatly appreciate it if
you could you please share the blurb below with your respective
communities. Thank you so much!