Symposium in Honor of Frederick Sanger, November 5th

Symposium in Honor of Frederick Sanger
We are honoring the two-time Nobel winner Fred Sanger whose work is the basis for the work that most of us do at UC San Diego. Register (no registration fee) by visiting this link:

Dr. Theodore Friedmann of the Department of Pediatric, in collaboration with Dr. Susan Taylor of the UCSD Division of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Dr. Tony Hunter of the Salk Institute will host a symposium in honor of two-time Nobel Prize winner Frederick Sanger on November 5th 2014 from 8:30 am – 6 pm. The symposium will be held  in the Medical Education Telemedicine Building, UCSD School of Medicine, La Jolla.

The guest speakers include: John Abelson, David Baltimore, Kate Brown, Stanley Cohen, Prescott Deininger, Ted Friedmann, Tony Hunter, Clyde Hutchison, Roger Kornberg, Victor Ling, Michael Levitt, Erling Norrby, Ham Smith, and Susan Taylor.

With financial support from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences (School of Medicine Dean’s Office), the UCSD Division of Biology, the Agouron Institute of Pasadena, CA and Tulane University Cancer Center, New Orleans.

Sanger Poster