NASA DEVELOP National Program: Call for Interns

This is a great opportunity for individuals who are interested in practical applications of remote sensing and GIS, specifically in the field of Earth Science. The projects focus on addressing local and international community concerns while utilizing NASA’s Earth observations. Participants work in teams to complete rapid research projects in 10 weeks with guidance from NASA and partner science advisors. These projects demonstrate to partner organizations how NASA remote sensing imagery can be used in water resource management, disaster response, ecological forecasting, and other applications.

DEVELOP participants are challenged to think outside the box, take initiative, and employ innovative ideas. They gain valuable management and leadership experience, along with experience in delivering results to officials in government, academia, and industry, thereby extending the benefits of NASA science and technology to the public. Ultimately, DEVELOP students are better prepared to handle environmental science challenges that face our society and future generations.

Applicants must have excellent communication and writing skills, and be able to work in a fast-paced environment. Responsibilities include: literature review, data processing and analysis, composing of deliverables including a technical paper, presentation, and video. Applicants should be able to commit up to 20 hours for our spring and fall terms, and full-time for the summer term. Both paid and volunteer positions are offered. Paid positions are funded as consultants using a rate determined by application type, education level, and location.

Details about the internship and how to apply can be found at The spring term application window is open now until Nov. 7. Term dates and application windows are also posted on the Apply page of the DEVELOP website. DEVELOP’s projects are interdisciplinary in nature, so applications are welcome from all academic backgrounds.

In California, there are two location choices:
1) NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena near Los Angeles.
2) NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View near San Francisco.
Applications are given the opportunity to select their 1st and 2nd choices.

International Students
International students interested in working with the DEVELOP Program must be currently registered at an accredited U.S. school. International students are not eligible to apply to NASA Center Locations (JPL and others), however, they are eligible to apply to Regional Locations. There is an exception for the NSSTC (Marshall Space Flight Center) that allows international students to apply to that location. Acceptances for international students are conditional upon proof of a visa or approved OPT that will allow them to legally work within the U.S. Students who do not meet these requirements are not eligible to participate in the DEVELOP Program. Please see the DEVELOP website for details.

Please feel free to contact Christine Rains with any questions, or send them directly to

Christine Rains
Project Coordinator | Center Lead
NASA DEVELOP National Program – SSAI
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Office: 818-393-1018