BioClock Studio now open for Winter

The BioClock Studio is an innovative course concept in which a team of undergraduate students, drawn from diverse disciplines, will work collaboratively to develop their scientific and communication skills and produce creative educational materials. The products of the BioClock Studio will be used to enhance scientific understanding within and among different audiences, including the general public, researchers, and the students’ academic peers.

BioClock Studio students will train intensively in writing and in using a variety of media; develop critical thinking, rhetorical, and technical skills; and experience the synergy that emerges when students from a variety of disciplines work collaboratively. Products will include demonstration videos, original visuals, text that is informed by primary sources but focused appropriately for a non-specialist audience, and interactive exercises that make abstract concepts more understandable.

The BioClock Studio will make the activities of more than two dozen research labs more accessible to the larger class of students through production of videos that demonstrate how circadian data are collected for different kinds of organisms—including humans, mice, plants, fungi, tissue culture cells, and cyanobacteria—and different kinds of biological rhythms, including rhythms in behavior, body temperature, protein levels, and gene expression.

As a longer-term goal, the BioClock Studio will challenge students to translate and communicate research findings to the public to promote more widespread awareness of the importance of circadian rhythms for daily life, work, and health. BioClocks Studio students will work closely with researchers in workshop, conference, and interview settings to bridge the communication gap between scientists and the public.

Undergraduate students enrolled at UCSD can apply to participate in the BioClock Studio (Winter 2015) and earn 4 units of course credit as appropriate for their majors or programs. Application instructions APPLY here.

Applications will be considered until positions have been filled.