Graduate Opportunity: Philosophy of Science at UC Irvine

This unique program has attracted students with undergraduate degrees in Biology whose curiosity extends beyond research in a laboratory. For instance, students use evolutionary game theory, a framework developed by John Maynard Smith and George Price to consider Darwinian competition, to study the evolution of otherwise seemingly puzzling phenomena, such as communication, altruism, and morality. There is also a “Baboon Club” which meets regularly to read work on primatology and discuss issues related to theory of mind and the evolution of various behaviors. Student in the program are interested in various biological topics including modes of inheritance and the concept of morphospaces. The department is an ideal location for students who wish to continue studying Biology, but focus on more philosophical and theoretical issues than would be addressed in a traditional biology graduate education.

Additionally, the department has close ties with the Biology department at UC Irvine. For instance, the two departments co-teach a Philosophy of Biology course every year. Our students also regularly attend the Sackler Colloquium, a conference centered around a different biological topic every year, organized by Francisco Ayala at UC Irvine.

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