UCSF School of Pharmacy: Outreach Events

There are some upcoming outreach events UCSF School of Pharmacy will be hosting and participating in:

1.       Pharmacy Information Day:
This event is catered towards individuals who are interested towards a profession in pharmacy. There will be a panel of pharmacists, student pharmacists, and presentations on our curriculum and admissions process.

2.       Inside UCSF:
Inside UCSF offers an opportunity for an all-expense paid trip to visit the UCSF campus. Each 100 diverse students from across California are accepted to participate in a two-day experience. UCSF covers the cost of meals, materials, and travel for all participants, as well as accommodations for those without BART or CalTrain access. The event targets individuals who are interested in the fields of pharmacy, dentistry, medicine, nursing, physical therapy, and life sciences.

If you have any questions regarding any of these events please don’t hesitate to contact:
Mr. Leslie Mach
Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator
UCSF School of Pharmacy
513 Parnassus Avenue
Room S-960, Box 0150
San Francisco, CA 94143
phone: 415.502.5371
fax: 415.476.6805
email : Leslie.Mach@ucsf.edu
web : http://pharmacy.ucsf.edu