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Update: Tulane MS Anatomy

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As part of the Tulane University Biomedical Sciences graduate program, the department of Structural and Cellular Biology offers 1-year and 2-year Master of Science degree programs in Anatomy, Clinical Anatomy, and Anatomy Research. These programs include cadaveric dissection-based gross anatomy, embryology, cell biology, histology, and neuroscience. In particular, the 1-year program has proven to be a very competitive, sought-after program, with several students gaining acceptance into medical schools upon completion.

Students in the Master of Science degree program in Anatomy take classes alongside Tulane medical students and enjoy access to all of the award-winning teaching programs and facilities in Anatomy. Students in the 2-year Clinical Anatomy program are trained in teaching and delivery methods towards a career in teaching and research. Students in the 2-year Anatomy Research program spend their second year in research labs in the department of Structural and Cellular Biology. At the end of these degree programs…

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