Learn How to Communicate Your Research

From June 25th to August 25th, Qualcomm Institute will be hosting Summer Research Seminars & Networking Programs for UCSD students.

The Qualcomm Institute is an organized research institute on the UC San Diego campus, where researchers from different disciplines come together to study and develop new technology, software, hardware and systems to address needs and issues in our economy and society.

The interdisciplinary program provided UC San Diego college students with the opportunity to interact and collaborate with faculty members, professionals and peers. The institute is revamping the program for 2015 to focus on value-added, hands-on training sessions on research communications (including how to make professional presentations, public speaking, and use social media to publicize research findings) while also offering networking opportunities with other students and faculty. The summer program will consist of various workshops and seminars for students who work in the Qualcomm Institute, but the program is also open to other UC San Diego programs that offer summer internships.

For more information, please visit the website: http://ucsdstudents.calit2.net/index.php

Program Flyer