10 MCAT-2015 Full-Length Practice Exams

Are you taking MCAT-2015 this cycle? That is to say, anytime between now and the September 23rd exam?

As you know, accurate MCAT-2015 Full-Length Practice Tests are very difficult to come by. Described below is a potential opportunity to gain access to ten (10) full-length MCAT-2015 exams that are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. There is a 33% discount available if you agree to join their Beta Testing Team and help them improve the tests.

Message from Altius Test Prep (www.altiustestprep.com):

Altius *Perfect-Match* MCAT-2015 Practice Tests

We are nearing the end of a multi-year, nationwide curriculum project designed to create full-length MCAT-2015 practice exams that are as close to a “perfect-match” to the AAMC materials as is humanly possible. We are confident we’ve come very close to that goal and we will continue improving and perfecting these exams over the coming weeks and months.

The tests are not yet available to the general public, but Altius is recruiting beta testers* who will be taking the MCAT in August or September to help find any lagging errata, software glitches, or other issues.

Please call Curriculum Development Project Director, Joshua Kelly @ 435.671.5783, extension 700 or e-mail at Joshua@altiustestprep.com if you are interested.