Physics Summer Abroad

Study abroad in one of three amazing destinations in Scotland, Ireland or England this summer and fulfill the UCSD Physics 1 series for life science majors.

• 8-week program with two consecutive 4-week courses fulfills UCSD‘s Physics 1 series for life science majors (1A, 1AL, 1B, 1BL, 1C & 1CL)
• Courses award 6 units each for a total of 12 UCSD quarter units
• Courses are rigorous and require intensive study Mon-Fri; plan personal travel after the program or over holiday weekends
• A range of cultural activities and excursions is included
• UCSD credit and grades are awarded and financial aid travels with you

Deadlines: Sussex (Physics track only): January 11, 2016;
Dublin & Glasgow: February 16, 2016
• Sussex and Glasgow are first-come, first-served; apply early to ensure your spot
• Steps to apply are available at
• Upload required documents to UCSD’s TritonsAbroad application at
• The host university may require a separate application and will make the final decision about admission

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