Volunteer Abroad this Summer!

International Student Volunteers (ISV) is a non-profit that organizes life-changing volunteer abroad programs for university students. This summer, there will be 4-week programs in 6 countries–Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Thailand.

During the first two weeks, students complete 80 hours of volunteer work in either Social Community Development–doing basic health care and pre-med projects, building schools and houses, and working on educational programs for children– or in Conservation–where they can work in rainforest regeneration or endangered species management with elephants, dolphins, cheetahs or sea turtles!

During the second two weeks, students will travel all throughout their host country, getting immersed into the culture and exploring its natural wonders. They will also get to do exciting activities like white water rafting, zip lining, surfing, cave kayaking, going on wildlife safaris and WAY more!

This program is a wonderful way to get out of the classroom and have some hands-on educational experiences—throughout the 4 weeks, students will be learning all about the communities, ecosystems, and animals with which they are interacting! Furthermore, it gives students an opportunity to do something meaningful with their summer while exploring another culture and country.

There will be information meetings about these programs this Thursday, October 29th from 9am to 4pm in the Price Center West Green Table Room starting every hour on the hour. If students can’t attend the information meeting, they can contact:

Karlee Gibson
International Student Volunteers
Email: karlee.gibson@isvolunteers.org

UCSD Meeting