University of Southern California: Molecular Biology Graduate Program

Students in the Molecular Biology Ph.D. program receive broad training in how biological systems function at the level of nucleic acids and proteins, cells and development, and genetically diverse populations and species. During their first year, students take a core curriculum that lays the foundation for more advanced study in the field, while also rotating through three labs of their choosing. At the end of the first year, students determine their long-term research advisor, with whom they will conduct more specialized dissertation work. Students have access to more than 40 potential faculty mentors with diverse expertise and research programs.


Entry into the Molecular Biology Ph.D. program is competitive and requires a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in a related subject from an accredited four-year college, sitting the Graduate Record Examinations (subject test is not required), sending all official college/university transcripts, and submitting three letters of recommendation. Additional application instructions and details are provided in the links below.

Applications and all supporting materials must be received no later than December 15th for full consideration.

Click here for domestic student application instructions.

Click here for international student application instructions.

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