MCAT Prep Scholarship Opportunity

Altius Test Prep ( is offering an opportunity this Wednesday January 27th to win a 100% Tuition Scholarship ($2,300) for their Premium 1-on-1 MCAT Mentoring Program. To win the scholarship, you must call 435.671.5783 at 8:00 AM Mountain Standard Time (7AM Pacific/9AM Central/10AM Eastern) on Wednesday. The first caller wins the $2,300 scholarship, callers 2-3 win a complete set of 10 Full-Length MCAT-2015 Practice Tests, the next 5 callers win a $1,000 Savings Package, and the next 20 callers win a $600 Savings Package. Good luck!

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Did you know?

*  This is the last week to enroll in an Altius MCAT-2015 program if you plan to take a late spring exam (Apr, May, June). Classes have started and you won’t want to fall behind. It’s possible to sign up later, but you’ll find it difficult to finish the course in time for your test.

*  Altius is the ideal solution for intelligent SELF-STUDY students who want to maximize their scores. We offer industry-leading self-study options starting at only $300. Altius is the only program to offer double-blind, peer-reviewed MCAT-2015 materials that are statistically indistinguishable from real AAMC MCAT-2015 questions. Our books and tests give you a laser-like focus on exactly what IS on MCAT-2015 and what is NOT.

*  Try a FREE MCAT-2015 Practice Exam. Lots of prep companies offer free diagnostics. The problem is those tests look almost nothing like the actual MCAT-2015 exam and are therefore of questionable value. Altius has created a set of practice tests using the exact same methodology used by the AAMC to create the real MCAT. These are the only double-blind, peer-reviewed MCAT practice materials available anywhere, and they are the only materials created by 100% PhD authors. To take the free test, click the “Take A Free Sample Test” button at the bottom of this page: