Rainwater Harvesting Presentation @ theNAT

Rainwater harvesting (RWH) is practiced throughout the world in an effort
to save water in areas with limited or dwindling supplies. Typical rain
barrels accumulate layers of mud and sediments on their bottom,
necessitating frequent and time-consuming, cleaning. “Rain Harvest Water
Systems” has developed an innovative low-tech method of collecting
rainwater, with a unique, multi-tank design. The rainwater is skimmed off
above any remaining sediments through a specially placed tap and passed on
to the next tank by means of gravity. Flushing out the sediments between
rain events is effortless. This method enables schools, public buildings
and private homes to obtain high quality rainwater for indoor use.

This new rainwater harvesting system is being implemented in three local
schools: Encinitas Farm Lab, Franklin Elementary School, Pacific Beach
Middle School. (Sponsored by UCSD Rady School of Management)

The Balboa Park Cultural Partnership and Natural History Museum (theNAT)
are bringing in a water conservation practitioner and innovator, Amir
Yechieli, on Wednesday Feb. 3 from 3:30-4:30 pm. Yechieli will discuss a
recent innovation in rainwater harvesting techniques that can be easily
done by and benefit schools, residents, businesses, etc.

This is a great event for students, practitioners, homeowners, and property
Seating is limited – RSVP today
to reserve your spot!

If you have questions regarding this event, please email