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Still accepting applications: Postgraduate Research Job Opportunity | UCSF

In Spring of my Senior year as a Stanford undergraduate, I received an email from the biology department about this job opportunity in the McDonald lab at UCSF. This position has allowed my scientific exposure and understanding to grow immensely. I am now deciding between a number of top graduate programs for a biomedical PhD (including UCSD) and I hope to pass on the opportunity to another young scientist eager to prepare for their future.

– B.A.
McDonald Lab Junior Specialist, UCSF Department of Anatomy
BS in Neurobiology, Stanford University 2014

UC San Diego - Biology Bulletin

The laboratory of Donald M. McDonald, M.D. Ph.D., at the University of
California, San Francisco has openings for a full-time post-graduate
researcher in the field of angiogenesis and vascular biology.  We are
seeking a bright, highly motivated, recent college graduate with a strong
background in the biological sciences. The appointment is for two years.
Applicants available for only one year will not be considered.

This is an exciting opportunity for students whose career goals include
medical school or graduate school and who want to gain research experience
at a world-class institution. The position is described in more detail in
the attached letter.

Interested students should apply through the link in the attachment. The
position will be available beginning in May or early June, with the goal of
having overlap with the postgraduate researcher currently in the position.
The successful candidate should plan to start no later than June.

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