California Ecology and Conservation System-Wide Field Course: April 18th deadline

The California Ecology and Conservation field course is up on YouTube with a great, short video that will give students a sense of what this special, immersive course is all about:

UC San Diego - Biology Bulletin

California Ecology and Conservation brings together 27 undergraduates from across the UC system for seven weeks of immersion learning at NRS reserves. Experienced field instructors help undergraduates transform into scientists. Students complete a series of increasingly dependent research studies while learning to notice natural patterns, frame questions into feasible research projects, and practice standard field techniques. At the conclusion of each project, students analyze their data and present their findings in oral presentations and written reports. Students hone their research, public speaking, and scientific writing skills with constant practice and feedback. All the while, students gain a working familiarity with California’s diverse ecosystems.

All UC undergraduates who have a 2.5+ GPA and who have successfully completed an introductory biology course are eligible.

More information is available on the course website:

UC Natural Reserve System Field Studies Program: California Ecology and Conservationapplications for Fall 2016 are due April 18th.

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