Full-time Neuroscience Research Assistant at UCSF

UCSF Job Posting: Full-time Neuroscience Research Assistant


The Rabinovici Lab at the UCSF Memory and Aging Center is looking to hire two full-time research assistants in Spring 2016. This is an ideal job for graduating college students who are interested in neuroscience and are hoping to pursue higher degrees in research or medicine. Given the technical complexity of the position, a two-year commitment is preferred.


The Rabinovici Lab studies Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases using a variety of cutting-edge imaging techniques (PET, MRI, fMRI, DTI) alongside comprehensive neuropsychological testing. The lab has been at the forefront of research describing the in vivo characteristics of tau and amyloid pathology in Alzheimer’s disease, and has contributed to a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms that underlie clinical variability in dementia. (See for example: 1, 2)


The core of the job involves performing advanced data processing and analysis, collaborating on projects with medical fellows and postdoctoral scholars, and preparing materials for data requests, presentations and papers. RAs will work closely with the PI and other lab members. Additionally, many RAs have had opportunities to design and carry out their own research projects, which has led to first-authored publications and opportunities to present at major international conferences.


RAs will work in a highly collaborative environment at the world’s leading center for dementia research. In addition to ongoing collaborations with other research groups at UCSF, the lab works closely with Bill Jagust at UC Berkeley, and with groups at Harvard, Penn and the Mayo Clinic, among others.


Strong candidates will demonstrate many of the following qualities:

  • A motivated interest in learning about neuroscience, dementia, and neuroimaging data analysis
  • A background in neuroscience, psychology, cell biology, cognitive science, computer science, or related fields
  • A strong GPA (>3.6)
  • Computer programming experience (especially Python, R, or MATLAB), along with experience using Linux and Excel
  • Coursework in neuroanatomy and statistics
  • Undergraduate research experience, esp. (but not limited to) neuroimaging


Interested candidates should email Gautam Tammewar at Gautam.Tammewar@ucsf.edu with Subject Line: UCSF RA Position. Please include an attached resume or CV and a one-page cover letter that addresses your background and skills, interest in this position, and long-term career or educational goals. A short, written recommendation from a research supervisor is optional but encouraged, and should include further contact information.