Last Session of 2016 for the RSI Internship Course: Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology – October 2016

After 2 overbooked course sessions, the Regenerative Sciences Institute is having one last course session for 2016 (October 3rd- November 2nd). To
register for the October session, go to Below is the course description.

RSI is a non-profit research institute located in Sunnyvale, California, in
the heart of Silicon Valley and for the past 7 years, has been training the
next generation of biotechnology scientists through our RSI Biotechnology
internship program. Our interns have come from Universities and colleges
across the US and the world to receive hands-on training. This internship
course is a condensed innovative successor to our highly competitive
6-month Biotechnology Internship Program. The new program is a 4-week
course that is a hybrid of formal lectures, participatory exercises and
small projects based on ongoing research, similar to what our interns have
worked on in the past.  This new format will allow us to provide a wider
range of material and serve more students annually.

The 4-week internship course is more intensive and directed than a
traditional internship, allowing students to explore many more experimental
techniques.  It will provide the opportunity to acquire skills necessary to
conduct biotechnology research and development (R&D) at a professional
level.  Guided R&D will lead to the creation of a data portfolio that can
be used to enhance job applications.  Projects will be selected from a
group of research projects at RSI and development projects at Panorama
Research Inc,  a leading preclinical antibody drug development company. Of
course, an intern’s performance in the class will ultimately determine the
success of their career trajectory.

Although one can not use historical data to predict future trends, ⅔ of
our interns who finished the program were placed in biotechnology jobs. In
our current round of 5 interns, 100% have been interviewed and 100% have
succeeded in obtaining job placement.

In addition to creating a R&D portfolio, interns will have the
opportunity to have occasional lunches with Bay Area biotechnology
professionals. RSI is located in a biotechnology incubator in the heart of
Silicon Valley with more than a dozen startups in the building. RSI staff
maintains relationships with key members of other local biotechnology
companies and startups. In addition, RSI will forward resumes of
meritorious students

Interested parties can enroll for the internship course session of their
choosing at .
There is a course fee to help cover the materials and teaching costs.
Unlike our other programs, enrollment for this internship course is on a
rolling basis and registration will close either a week before the session
start date or once the session fills. Each session is limited to 4 students