Life Course Scholar Program

Students from all majors are encouraged to apply to the Life Course Scholar Program.

The Life Course Scholars (LCS) program creates an interdisciplinary, cross-generational, multi-site learning experience for UCSD undergraduates that transforms their understanding of aging, health, learning & research, as well as connect them more deeply to the “people and places” of surrounding San Diego communities. The program combines place-based, experiential, and traditional classroom-based learning methods, matching with Elder Partners (EPs) living in the community, Learning Exchange Groups (LEGs) comprised of small clusters of EPs and LC Scholars, and both participatory planning and collaborative research activities, on and off campus. The program culminates in LCS teams designing and implementing community-based Healthy Aging Projects (HAPs) under the guidance and mentorship of an interdisciplinary team of faculty collaborators, with support from interested EPs.

For information about the Life Course Scholar Program, please contact:
Leslie R Lewis, PhD, MPH
Urban Studies & Planning Program
UC San Diego