ART + SCIENCE Field Studies Opportunity


We are announcing our winter Field Studies in Art+Nature program, ISLAND
LIFE, which will take place January 10-15, 2017. Throughout the year the ART+BIO
Collaborative, a nonprofit organization, offers educational travel courses that integrate field biology and art. This course is designed for students, artists, scientists, professionals
and anyone interested in nature, art, and biology.

ISLAND LIFE: Tropical Field Studies of Art+Nature in Puerto Rico is a hands-on,
immersive, and project-based program that integrates biology and art in the
field, at various environments in Puerto Rico. The focus of the program is to
learn about Puerto Rico’s diverse wildlife through artmaking and field biology.
We travel to rainforests, dry forests, beach, coastal, coral reef, mangrove,
and mountain environments.  The program involves multiple site-specific projects
that integrate creativity, art and biology.

Dates: January 10-15, 2017

Info and Application:

There are limited spaces available, and anyone interested in this travel
experience is highly encouraged to apply today! Please click on the links for
photos and more information.