Channel Islands National Park Spring Break | Marine and Wildness Medicine

Looking for a perfect island spring break experience to make your friends jealous and to make your parents proud?!  Then this is your course!

For undergraduate college students (and recent grads) the University of Colorado School of Medicine is offering an exciting new hands-on opportunity to explore the world of marine and wilderness medicine in one of the most coveted and rare jewels of our National Park System.


No previous experience necessary.




We’ll ferry out to the Cal State academic campus on Santa Rosa Island, within the Channel Islands National Park. This one week program will include lectures and hands-on practical skills from world class faculty at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and experts in the fields of emergency medicine and wilderness care.

Topics will cover emergency medicine, wilderness medicine, and an insiders overview on what makes a successful medical school or health-professions school application. Learn what it takes to excel in a medical career!

Students will also be eligible for certification as a Wilderness First Aid (WFA) included in the cost of the course, and participate in authentic, scenario-based learning designed to teach the skills necessary to prevent, assess, and treat a variety of backcountry challenges and emergencies ranging from blisters to major trauma. This unique program includes all instruction and simulations, meals/lodging on Santa Rosa Island, group camping gear, and optional WFA and program certification. It does NOT include lodging in Ventura or transportation to the ferry terminal.

At the completion of this hands-on program, students will have gained invaluable exposures to emergency, marine, and wilderness medicine. Students will better understand the track to medical school and have obtained a valuable addition to their application to medical or other health professions school. They will benefit from getting to know medical school faculty and inside knowledge regarding a successful medical career, and perhaps most importantly, they will have gained the skills to treat and/or save the life of a friend or family member in the event of an emergency or backcountry incident.

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