COGS 180: Neural Coding in Sensory Systems, TuTh 3:30-4:50pm | Spring 17

This course covers recent advances in the understanding of common neural mechanisms and computational principles underlying the brain’s ability to process multiple sources of sensory information—vision, audition, olfaction, touch, and equilibrioception—and translate them into actions.

This seminar course will consist of lectures, reading, discussion, and writing related to research articles (primary and reviews). Students are especially encouraged to think deeply through some of these major questions in sensory neuroscience and bring their thoughts to class for active discussions.

Prerequisites: COGS 1, COG 14B, COGS 101A, COGS 109, or consent of instructor.
View the course site including the course schedule here.
BIOLOGY STUDENTS: COGS 180 may count as a Biology elective pending that it is taken as a letter grade with a  C- or better and Biology residency is met. A Course Pre-Authorization request must be submitted to the Department of Cognitive Science in order to enroll.