Yonder Dynamics @ UCSD | Recruiting new members for Summer 2017!

Interested in both biology and space? Yonder Dynamics is a student organization at UCSD focused on developing autonomous robotic systems for space exploration. This year, we are one of 36 teams who have made it to the final leg of the international University Rover Challenge. For this competition, teams construct a Mars rover that will participate in 4 main tasks, one of which requires a strong biology background and involves conducting several types of soil testing.

Specific skills relevant to your major(s):

  • soil science and soil
  • culturing and analyzing microbes in a lab setting
    biochemical sensors
  • experiment design

We are currently recruiting biology and biology-related majors for our
summer work. We are looking for students willing to put in a minimum 20
hour per week commitment, and are happy to accept first and second year
students, as we will be conducting an extensive training program.

Prospective applicants should reside in the San Diego/La Jolla area or be
able to commute there regularly. Students will have the opportunity to work
in an interdisciplinary team and gain hands-on experience. We value each
member’s individual growth and especially encourage women in STEM. To
apply, fill out this form: https://www.yonderdynamics.space/join-us/

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