Volunteer Research Opportunity

Dr. Xin Jin (xjin@salk.edu) is looking to recruit undergraduate student volunteer for a research project in his lab! This research may be applied in pursuit of BISP 199 credit.

From Dr. Jin:

Research: Our research investigates how organisms select actions and learn from experience. We focus on brain circuitry and neurochemistry that is critically involved in movement, motivation, reward-based learning. To dissect the functional contributions of specific neural cell types within this basal ganglia circuitry and their interactions with the neuromodulator dopamine, we are using cutting edge in vivo neurochemical and electrophysiological recording, optogenetic manipulation, molecular lesions, and viral based neuronal tracing in transgenic mice.


  1. Strong interest in systems neuroscience, specifically as it applies to behavior.
  2. Ability to commit to the project, beyond generally working in the lab. We are seeking motivated individuals who want to contribute to the scientific literature on an exciting project at the frontier of neuroscience research.
  3. Working knowledge of neurobiology and chemistry, experience with animal behavioral training is a plus.

Student Responsibilities: Training can be a long-term process; minimum commitment of one year preferred.
~20 hours/week.