Volunteer Opportunity | Sandin Lab, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Hello Biology Undergraduates,

The Sandin and Smith Labs at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography are marine ecology labs with a focus on tropical coral reef ecosystems. We are currently looking for motivated undergraduate students to assist with the 100 Island Challenge Project. More information about the project can be found on our website.

Primary duties include assisting with data processing by helping to annotate large scale imagery of benthic communities on coral reefs. Volunteers can expect to learn coral and tropical alagal taxonomy, as well as the use of photo analysis software. We are offering positions starting over the summer or next next year, with the potential for mentorship in research for credit, e.g. 199, for qualified students.

To apply, please fill out the attached application along with a copy of your resume or CV to Nicole Pedersen (nepeders@ucsd.edu).


Clinton Edwards

Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California, San Diego
Email: clint@ucsd.edu
Phone: 858-705-4077

Find the application here.