Student & Faculty Funding Opportunities Through April 15, 2018

More than 300 funding opportunities for graduate students, undergraduates, and faculty, are updated weekly by the UC San Diego Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation (IGGC).

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Public Policy and Nuclear Threats Summer Training Program
July 29-August 4, 2018
Application deadline: 03/02/2018
The summer workshop-in-residence at UC San Diego aims to give participants the knowledge and analytic tools to contribute to the debate on future US nuclear policy. Funding available for grad students and postdocs on a competitive basis.

Udall Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships
Deadline: 03/07/2018
The Udall Foundation awards scholarships to college sophomores and juniors for leadership, public service, and commitment to issues related to Native American nations or to the environment. Students must be nominated by their college or university. The Udall faculty representative serves as the liaison between the college or university and the Foundation. The Foundation does not accept applications directly from individual students. Institutional nomination by the appointed faculty representative is required for each nominee.

Mote Marine Laboratory College Internships
Deadline: 03/01/2018
Mote Internships allow college students and recent college graduates to gain valuable hands-on experience in ocean science research, conservation, education and support services. Internships are available in most departments in the laboratory. Scholarships are available for some students. See website for more details.

National Air and Space Administation (NASA) Internships
Deadline: 03/01/2018
NASA internships are available to high school through graduate level students attending full-time accredited programs appropriate to the NASA internship opportunity for which they receive an offer. US citizenship is required for most internship opportunities. Select opportunities are also open to citizens from countries participating in the NASA International Internship Program. Applicants must be enrolled full-time in a degree-granting course of study appropriate to NASA’s long-term professional workforce needs. While NASA Internships are available to students in a wide-variety of majors ranging from business to science and engineering, individual internship opportunities will target specific disciplines. Applicants have the opportunity to browse and selectively apply for specific internship opportunities once their application is complete.

Citizens for Global Solutions Internships

Deadline: 04/01/2018
CGS offers substantive, challenging internships to undergraduates, graduate students and recent graduates in their national office in Washington, DC. Policy areas include: human rights, climate change, international peacekeeping, nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament, international institutions and United Nations reform. Must work at least 20 hours per week; preference is for full-time interns.

James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation Graduate Fellowship
Deadline: 03/01/2018
The James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation offers fellowships to individuals desiring to become outstanding teachers of the American Constitution at the secondary school level. Fellowship applicants compete only against other applicants from the states of their legal residence. Generally, one fellowship per state is awarded each year.

Heinrich Boll Stiftung Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships for Study in Germany
Deadline: 03/01/2018 
The foundation grants scholarships to approximately 1,000 undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral students of all subjects and nationalities per year, who are pursuing their degree at universities, universities of applied sciences (‘Fachhochschulen’), or universities of the arts (‘Kunsthochschulen’). We expect our scholarship recipients to have excellent academic records, to be socially and politically engaged, and to have an active interest in the basic values of the foundation: ecology and sustainability, democracy and human rights, self determination and justice. See website for details and restrictions. Must be proficient in German.

Funds for Women Graduates Foundation Grants
Deadline: 03/02/2018
FfWG offers Foundation Grants to help women graduates with their living expenses (not fees) while registered for study or research at an approved institution of higher education in Great Britain. The criteria are the proven needs of the applicant and her academic caliber. Foundation grants will only be given for the final year of a PhD or DPhil. Women graduates from UK and overseas are eligible to apply.

University of California Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI) Andrew V. White and Florence Wales White Fellowship

Deadline: 03/09/2018
Restricted to University of California
To be eligible for the Andrew Vincent White and Florence Wales White Scholarship, candidates must be current full-time UC graduate students whose research involves the humanities and medicine or theoretical social sciences and medicine; advanced to candidacy by June 30, and enrolled at their home campus during the scholarship period. Preference is given to students who are more advanced in their dissertation research and writing. The scholarship, of up to $20,000, may be used for a mix of fees, living expenses, and research expenses for one academic year. The student will be based at his or her home campus; the scholarship is not a residency at UCHRI.

Open Technology Fund Information Controls Fellowships
Deadline: 03/25/2018
The Information Controls Fellowship Program (ICFP) supports examination into how governments in countries, regions, or areas of OTF’s core focus are restricting the free flow of information, cutting access to the open internet, and implementing censorship mechanisms, thereby threatening the ability of global citizens to exercise basic human rights and democracy; work focused on mitigation of such threats is also supported. Typically, ICFP fellows have experience in fields such as computer science, engineering, information security research, software development, social sciences, law, and data visualization, among others. Information controls is a cross-disciplinary field, so applications are open to people from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines and can include students and junior to mid-career practitioners.

Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society Master’s Fellowships
Deadline: 04/01/2018
Each fellowship and grant will be awarded on a competitive basis to an active Kappa Omicron Nu member who has demonstrated scholarship, research, and leadership potential. Awards will be made for study and research in human sciences or one of its specializations at colleges or universities with strong research programs and supporting disciplines for the chosen major or topic.

UC MEXUS-CONACYT Postdoctoral Fellowships
Deadline: 03/19/2018
The primary objective of this program is to advance academic scholarship by emerging Mexican researchers and UC scientists and scholars in the early stages of their careers, after obtaining their PhD. In addition, the program seeks to support existing or developing binational academic networks by enhancing collaborative research projects between UC and Mexican faculty and institutions through the innovative involvement and training of new researchers. See website for details and restrictions.

California Science and Technology Policy Fellowships
Deadline: 02/28/2018
Sacramento, CA 
The CCST Science & Technology Policy Fellowship provides year of public service and government leadership training for scientists and engineers. Fellows work hands-on with policymakers addressing complex scientific and technical issues as well as assuming other responsibilities of full-time legislative staffers.

National Science Foundation Resource Implementations for Data Intensive Research in the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences
Deadline: 02/28/2018
As part of NSF’s Harnessing the Data Revolution, the Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences (SBE) seeks to develop user-friendly large-scale next-generation data resources and relevant analytic techniques to advance fundamental research in SBE areas of study. Successful proposals will, within the financial resources provided by the award, construct such databases and/or relevant analytic techniques and produce a finished product that will enable new types of data-intensive research.

UC San Diego Academic Senate Research Support
Deadline: 03/29/2018
UC San Diego only

Members of the Academic Senate in all fields are eligible to apply for individual grants. Individuals who are not members of the Academic Senate but are established investigators may seek support through joint applications with members of the Senate, or the recommendation from the Department Chair for an exception supporting the applicant’s request and advising the Subcommittee of his/her status in the department. Priority is generally given to junior and new faculty with no extramural support, and Academic Senate members will be given priority over non-Senate members. Project descriptions should be written in general terms and comprehensible to non-specialists. Research grants generally do not exceed $20,000.