Academic Resources with the Teaching + Learning Commons, Academic Achievement Hub!

For Fall 2021, T+LC AAH is supporting Content Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction (SI), and Learning Strategists with trained student staff. All programs begin Monday, September 27. Detailed schedules and program descriptions are found on the AAH website.

AAH Learning Strategists

AH Learning Strategists, Peer Learning Strategists are trained to support students’ challenges or those wishing to learn additional or new skills promoting efficiency in learning which promotes success in UC San Diego courses.

  • Appointment Based
    Remote 1-hour appointments; or refer your students to this program to enhance their course success
  • Self-Paced Canvas site
    Students can self-enroll using their UC San Diego log-in credentials, by visiting the Teaching and Learning Commons website.
    Topics: time management, how to learn, how to prepare for exams, etc. Supports all students with any discipline/course.

AAH Content Tutoring

Content Tutoring helps undergraduates advance their own academic success by offering personalized support with course-specific learning skills and strategies, development of time management and personal growth in skills to master course content and prepare for homework and exams.

Appointment and drop-in basis: In-person hours of operation: 1pm-8pm on Monday, 12pm – 9pm from Tuesday to Friday 

  • In-person 30-minute sessions with up to 2 student

Tutoring is offered in additional locations on campus this quarter, check our website for more information.

  • Online hours of operation: Tuesday through Friday, 5pm-9pm and 5pm-9pm on Sunday

Appointment and drop-in basis

  • Remote 30-minute sessions with up to 2 students
  • Workshops – Discipline-specific, covers course foundational and/or preparedness topics


  • How to Learn for Organic Chemistry
  • How to Learn: Programming
  • How to Learn for General Chemistry 
  • Chemistry Workshops
  • Reaction stoichiometry
  • Periodic trends
  • Quantum numbers and electron configurations
  • Lewis and Resonance structures
  • Bonding models and theories
  • ICE Tables

AAH Supplemental Instruction (SI) 

Sessions meet weekly for 50-80 minutes each. SI Leaders prepare SI session plans that support your teaching and lecture material.

SI Leaders engage students in active content learning through discussions or problem-solving with their peers. The SI Leader does not teach or tutor.  
The SI Leaders attend each course lecture.