Graduate Programs in Neuroscience at UCSB

The UCSB Neuroscience portal is a centralized hub for locating graduate programs, faculty, research efforts, news, and events related to neuroscience on the UCSB campus. The neuroscience effort at UCSB is highly interdisciplinary, with faculty and graduate programs spanning a range of departments and institutes. This distributed architecture allows us to collaborate freely across disciplines and push the boundaries of the current understanding of the brain.

Graduate Programs

Dynamical Neuroscience

Dynamical Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary field focused on the study of how the nervous system generates perception, behavior, and cognition. A complete understanding of behavior and brain function requires a multifaceted approach that includes the construction of formal computational models that can be tested against neural recordings of cells, circuits and large-scale neural networks. 

Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

An intensive graduate program awarding Doctoral and Masters degrees administered by the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. More than 30 faculty members offer their expertise in microbiology and immunology, plant biology, biochemistry and biomaterials, neuroscience, genetics and genomics, cell biology, biomedical sciences, developmental and stem cell biology, and systems and quantitative biology.

Psychological & Brain Sciences

An intensive graduate program awarding Doctoral degrees administered by the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences. More than 40 faculty members offer expertise in the areas of: (1) Cognition, Perception, and Cognitive Neuroscience, (2) Developmental and Evolutionary Psychology, (3) Neuroscience and Behavior, and (4) Social Psychology.