Lab Skills Training & Faculty Mentorship Opportunity

Need lab skills training & experience in a top lab at UCSD? Interested in a career in biomedical sciences? Want to learn how to get into graduate school? The (Initiative for Maximizing Student Development) IMSD program is looking for motivated UCSD undergraduates from underrepresented groups and/or disadvantaged backgrounds who want to learn or develop research skills with top UCSD biomedical scientists.

IMSD has additional slots for new students now! If you are available for in-person lab skills training for approximately 6 hours/week for the initial one quarter training period, apply NOW to be considered for training in a future quarter. Students receive training on basic science lab techniques, paid work experience ($14.50/hour) with a faculty mentor’s lab, and advising/support on applying to Ph.D. programs in the biomedical sciences.

Applications are accepted year-round. Trainings typically start at the beginning of each quarter and multiple times during summer, so apply early for consideration. The training schedule varies quarter by quarter, as IMSD accommodates for students’ class schedules.

Tam Nguyen via email at, and visit the Center for Investigations of Health and Education Disparities website for further resources.