Dates to Remember


This is a partial list of deadlines for easy reference.  For a detailed list and exact dates, you can refer to the UC San Diego Enrollment Calendars.

Week 1:

  • Dropping a Lab Class:
    Student must drop their lab before the end of their second lab meeting or they will receive a “W”.
  • Students may late add labs by submitting an online EASy request.

Week 2:

  • Friday is the last day to add courses.
  • Students may continue to add labs by submitting an online EASy request.

Week 3:

  • Late add of lectures begins, and continues on through Friday of 10th week.

Week 4:

  • Friday  is the deadline to change grading option, change units and drop lecture classes without a “W”

Week 6:

  • Friday is the deadline to drop with a “W”.
    *Please note that this deadline is effective beginning with the 2018-2019 academic year.

Week 10:

  • Friday is the last day to late add a course. (Not lab courses, see Week 3)
  • Friday is the last day to turn in a BISP 99/199/196 for the following quarter(more info. on BISP 99/199/196)